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For MSPs who want certainty that all their processes are working

“I've been looking for something like this for 18 years” - Steve Bain, Director,


The gap in traditional monitoring

Typical monitoring is good at catching errors but struggles with other failure conditions such as:

Process Warden works differently, it monitors for success:

The end result is that not receiving an alert from Process Warden means that your processes are definitely working. You can have peace of mind that things are completing as expected without any additional email noise.

  1. email

    Configure your processes to send success emails/notifications to Process Warden

  2. check_circle

    Tell Process Warden what 'success' looks like (e.g. for a backup, an hourly email with 'Succesfully Backed Up' in the subject)

  3. notifications

    Process Warden will alert you if it fails to recieve the 'success' notification for any reason

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Process Warden can give you peace of mind that your processes are working without any extra noise. Book a free bespoke demo to find out how it can revolutionise your monitoring.

New Feature Added - Easy SSL & URL monitoring

Never miss a certificate expiry

Process Warden is ideally suited to monitoring URLs for availability and SSL certificate expiry. Process Warden will warn you if a URL:

  • Becomes inaccessible
  • Has an expiring or expired certificate
  • Displays any other SSL warning

Once you enter your URLs you can relax and let Process Warden keep an eye on it for you. If the check fails to complete for any reason you'll be notified immediately.

Find out more about our SSL & URL monitoring.

Monitor thousands of processes at a single glance

With our intuitive on/off indicator system you can check the status of literally thousands of processes just by glancing at the dashboard screen. A single dashboard can handle thousands of processes simultaneously.

Define custom success rules

Easily configure a ruleset to define success for your process. We will monitor the rules and make sure to alert you if we receive anything other than success. Process Warden's rules can pick out phrases and numbers from emails, identify keys in JSON or ensure a notification is received on time according to a schedule.

Integrate with almost any process or system

How do your processes communicate their status? We can receive emails, handle data from API calls, accept JSON over HTTP or even process a web form submission. If your processes can do any of those then we can integrate with them on the path to peace of mind.

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