SSL & URL monitoring

Have you ever visited a site and seen this warning: “Your connection is not private”? Don't ever let that happen to you or your clients' sites; Process Warden will catch this long before it becomes a problem, leaving you to get on with what's important.

Process Warden automates certificate expiration and availability monitoring with no additional noise. Simply set up your URL in Process Warden and you will be notified whenever the URL is unavailable or the certificate is due to expire soon.


  • Free feature for any existing users or free-tier customers
  • Checks site availability every few minutes
  • Checks for impending SSL certificate expiry
  • Reports on any other SSL issues (e.g. invalid CA, incorrect CN, etc.)
  • Easily snooze or disable monitoring if required
  • Set and forget
  • Noise free - you will only hear from Process Warden when something needs your attention; if it's silent, everything's fine!

How it works

Enter the URL into Process Warden and it will then check every few minutes for an acceptable (HTTP 2xx/3xx) status code. It will also check the expiry date of the URL's SSL certificate and notify you if it is expiring within 30 days.

Process Warden monitors for success which ensures that all checks run as expected and on-time. Process Warden will notify you if it was unable to perform the checks for any reason, giving you complete peace of mind.

To find out more, simply book a 30m bespoke demo

If you would like to know more about the benfits of our SSL monitoring, or any of Process Warden's other features, please use the link below to book a quick 30m demo tailored to your needs