Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Process Warden?

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Process Warden is a monitoring system that lets you monitor thousands of processes at a glance, within seconds, and with complete confidence and peace of mind.

Q. How does it differ from ordinary monitoring systems?

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In two distinct ways:

  1. Process Warden is designed to detect success events instead of failures. This means that you either know for a fact that your processes are working (positive confirmation) or you get notified that they aren't.
  2. Process Warden simplifies the monitoring process to a single on/off state. In other words, does this process need attention. Yes or no? This allows much greater flexibility at scale and lets you monitor literally thousands of processes within seconds.

Q. Which systems does Process Warden integrate with?

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Process Warden integrates via email (both sending and receiving) and API calls. This means that almost any system out there can interface with Process Warden.

If you have specific questions about a system we'd love to hear from you.

Q. How much money and time can I save by using Process Warden?

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You can expect to save approximately 70-95% of current "monitoring time". Therefore, as time equals money, you could save around 70-95% of your current "monitoring time" wage bill.

After setting up Process Warden monitoring all of your processes will be reduced to a few seconds of looking at the dashboard to see if anything needs attention.

Q. How many months before we see a return on our investment?

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You will get an immediate return on your investment as time will be saved from day one.

After setting up Process Warden the "monitoring" task can be reduced down to a few seconds of glancing at the dashboard to see if any process needs attention

Q. How did you come up with the idea behind Process Warden?

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Like you, we have hundreds of processes that need to be monitored. We were always concerned that something might be missed or not reported. In addition, our developer team didn’t enjoy trawling through loads of emails and checking everything manually.

So, we asked ourselves three questions:

  1. How sure are we that all of our processes, such as client backups, scheduled tasks, disk checks etc. are working correctly?
  2. How would we know if they are running at all? Because we wouldn’t get an error email if something didn’t start or took too long to run.
  3. How long would it take us to thoroughly check everything, every day, week or month?

Our answers were:

  1. We were pretty sure they were working, but not 100%.
  2. We hoped they were all running and completing normally.
  3. It was going to take us a long time to check everything.

Obviously, we weren't happy with our answers so we built Process Warden. Now our answers are:

  1. We are 100% sure that all our processes are working correctly.
  2. We are 100% sure that they have started and are completing normally.
  3. We can check them all within a few seconds, whenever we want.

Q. How would I configure Process Warden for something common, like a daily backup?

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We have made using Process Warden as simple as possible.

Ideally your backup system will be able to send positive confirmation (e.g. via email). If so then you would configure Process Warden as follows:

  1. Light up (alert) if we don't receive a confirmation every day
  2. Light up if the confirmation email does not contain 'success' (or something similar) in the subject
  3. Once lit up, stay lit up until manually cleared (so that once it's fixed the alert can be removed)
  4. Optionally send an email to the hosting team or helpdesk when the alert is triggered

And that's it - once that's set up if your backup process fails to send a 'success' email every day, for whatever reason (errors, not running, email issues, server gone) you'll see the indicator light up and see the alert.